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Good customer service is good bottom line

Debbie takes over when the customer does not pay on time and ensures that the good customer journey does not stop at invoice due, but continues through the jerking process right up to the Bailiff's Court.

Debbie is the new resource in the company's customer service, where Debbie's primary task is to get as many people as possible to pay as soon as possible without losing the good customer relationship.

Debbie is also the new caseworker in the debt collection department, where Debbie automates processes and optimizes dialogue with the customer so that the benefits of recovery are maximized while observing that a customer relationship must be able to continue.
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Built for high volume

Designed specifically to optimize customer service, Debbie offers behavioral communication and streamlined processes to businesses and debt collection agencies with larger customer portfolios.

Debbie makes sure to focus employees' resources on what creates value. In short, it's about automating manual processes without compromising quality.

Debbie automatically serves the majority of customers with outstanding issues, so employees can focus on cases that require personal handling.

Streamlined, simple, customer-friendly and efficient use of resources and competencies.

Easy deployment and intuitive interface

Debbie is developed with a focus on easy and painless system implementation and the design makes the operation for both employees and customers intuitive.

Case management takes place quickly, with a good overview and with few clicks. Customers can easily and quickly pay, enter into repayment arrangements and enter into dialogue about their case.

Data ensures intelligent recovery

Debbie's customer service is based on AI. The solution automatically collects new and relevant data about the customers as well as their behaviour to make the recovery customized.

All relevant sources help to ensure Debbie's best possible knowledge of the customers, so that the benefits of both efforts and communication are optimized.


Digitize your recovery and focus on your business

Debbie is a secure software-as-a-service that, despite its complexity, does not require special technical prerequisites and can be easily integrated with other systems. You can focus on your business while taking advantage of the big gains that lie ahead by digitizing your recovery.

What do customers say?

Debbie has helped us automate our daily workflows, and they also offer a good overview of our many cases. This has resulted in an increase in the bottom line. We can recommend Debbie to others.

Danish Supply Collection CEO on in-sourcing of debt collection

Debbie is easy to work in, and we spend almost no time on manual processes that we have been flooded with in the past.

Law firm Intellecto, Case Manager

We make sure you get started with Debbie quickly and take full advantage of your new digital resource in your customer service.