The complete recovery system

How the strongest recovery platform works

Import easily with our flexible import module

Jobs are created for Debbie's customer service directly from your company's ERP system through API integration or quick and simple import from a standard excel sheet.
Debt collection agencies can also offer their clients to create cases through the client web.

Debbie enriches the case
with data

Once the cases are created, the system begins to enrich the cases with data about the customer from public registers as well as private registers purchased access to.

Debbie automatically sends the right messages at the right times

Debbie continuously collects new and relevant data on customer behavior and factual information, then analyzes data and makes the recovery behavior-based. It provides the most effective recovery.

Debtor easily registered in RKI's register

One of the processes that can be time consuming is to register in RKI. We have solved that problem. With our intuitive interface, you can register one or more customers in RKI with just a few clicks.

Automatically offer installment scheme

Debbie herself finds out when it makes the most sense to offer a repayment scheme. The customer is notified and chooses one of the automatically offered installment schemes, signs digitally and gets the opportunity to attach a payment card - without the involvement of an employee.

Easy case management

If the customer objects, an employee can handle the case by replying by email, letter or SMS. This can also be done with default responses to objections, and incoming emails are automatically journalized.

Easily create payment claims or subpoenas directly from the system

If the case is to be dealt with in a judicial way, the employee can, with a few clicks, create a claim for payment and send it directly to the appropriate jurisdiction.
If the customer is to be subpoenaed, Debbie can automatically create the subpoena on the

Powerful reporting

Debbie Insights ensures that you always know how to prioritize your resources and provides an overview of all cases easily and intuitively.

Other features

Client and Customer Web

Give clients and customers an easy overview and streamline workflow.

Automatically calculate the client

Create the settlement agreements and let the system do the rest of the work.

Easy deposit registration

Preparation of replies and posting of payments with minimal time.


No time wasted journaling emails. It all happens automatically.


Reporting, satisfaction surveys, tracking of opened emails and more.

Intelligent monitoring

Let Cosmo monitor bad payers and indicate increased payment ability.


Easily write messages to the customer via e-box in the case management manual or automatic.


Increase the number of signed voluntary settlements, declarations of guilt and other documents.


Avoid missed court deadlines and the like by synchronizing your calendar with Debbie.

Open API

System integration directly to clients avoids human error and increased efficiency.

Integration to bank (Coming soon)

Record deposits in real time and avoid human error and unnecessary time.

Integration to accounting programs (Coming soon)

Let the posting be done automatically and thereby achieve high quality and lower resource consumption (Navision / E-Conomic / Visma)

We make sure you get started with Debbie quickly and take full advantage of your new digital resource in your customer service.