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Cosmo helps enrich people and businesses with live information from public and closed registers.

Integrated with Debbie Platform
You also use Debbie Platform,Cosmo is directly integrated and customers will automatically subscribe to Cosmo when new cases are imported.
Developers First
Cosmo is built for developers. With an easy and intuitive RESTful API, the service can be integrated into virtually any system. Get rid of the hassle of integrating to many diverse APIs and a heavy consolidation of data.
Get rid of lots of red tape
Although your access to several of the databases requires independent agreements, you avoid the excessive amount of hassle associated with access.
Information from public and closed registers
We are collecting information from public and closed records and keep an eye on any changes.
Our logic makes it easy for you to comply with gdpr
Cosmo makes it easy to ensure that only the information that you have a processing basis to use is included in your processing and ensure that it is deleted again when appropriate.

How Cosmo works

Subscribe person or company (get information already available)
Live updates when new information is available from:
CVR (Central Business Register)
CPR (central register of persons)
Official journal
Name databases
Registration person book, property book, cooperative housing book & car book
RKI (The New Ribers, Experian)
AKS (Experian)
Unsubscribe when you're done
How much does Cosmo cost?
The cost of access to data from Cosmo depends on what data you want to access. Certain data require special agreements with the data provider, e.g. Experian. The cost of other databases (no matter how many you want access to) is based on a monthly fixed connecting fee that depends on desired service goals, and a low variable charge per subscribed entity.
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