A mission to ensure good recovery without losing the good customer relationship.

The short story
Debbie is a SaaS-based recovery platform.
The target group is both companies that want a customer-oriented, digital debtor service (and possibly self-collection) and professional collectors such as lawyers and collection companies.
The company behind the platform was established in 2018 by Emil Brandt, a software architect and full stack developer, and Michael Brandt, a lawyer with more than 20 years of experience in debt collection and large recovery portfolios.

After several years of development, the first professional debt collectors were connected to the recovery platform, which in 2022 was split into Debbie Dunning, focusing on the reminder process, and Debbie Collect, focusing on the subsequent debt collection process.

In late 2022, the company also developed Debbie Freezing for the Parliamentary Winter Package at the request of several utility customers already using Debbie Dunning and Debbie Collect.
Where we are
Our head office is in Copenhagen FinTech Lab, Applebys Plads 7,
1411 Copenhagen K, and we have a branch office in Silkeborg.
The day-to-day operations are in the hands of Emil Brandt (CEO and CTO), Torben Smedegaard Pedersen (CCO) and
Janus Oehlenschlæger (PM).

"My wish was to create a solution where recovery and debt collection are done in a respectful way to retain customers and with a focus on reputation management. And I am proud that we have succeeded.

There was a specific need from my father's law firm, which was responsible for large recovery portfolios, and it has been optimal to develop the solution based on real cases, real clients and for real case handlers.

Debbie has evolved from only being used for debt collection by collection agencies and lawyers to also being used for debtor services in companies, so now we deliver customer-oriented recovery from invoice to overdue and bailiff to prescription."

Emil Brandt


"My background is 15 years with RKI (now Experian) and 11 years with Købmandstandens Inkasso Service (most recently Kredinor), so I have a massive experience with bad payers, recovery and debt collection

Now I'm on the journey with Debbie, where we optimize the debt collection work of both professional debt collectors and companies with larger customer portfolios who want customer-oriented debtor service combined with either external debt collection or self-collection.

I'm really impressed with Debbie and am delighted that all the feedback is positive. Obviously, the implementation of Debbie can be perceived as a change in strategy for some, but the long list of benefits makes it easy to convince most people that even though elephants are eaten in small bites, we need to get started on the first bite quickly."

Torben Smedegaard Pedersen


"I came to Debbie from the debt collection industry and fell in love with the functionality, ease of use and the cutting edge technology behind it.

In my role as Product Manager, I'm the link between customers and the development of new features, and it's a pleasure to be part of such an agile team. It's reaffirming to onboard new customers who are all up and running quickly and are continually excited to uncover new opportunities with Debbie - both for digital debtor service and for AI-based debt collection."

Janus Oehlenschlæger

Product Manager

Board and advisory board
Emil Brandt
CEO, CTO &Board Member
Nikolaj Opstrup
Board Member
Ulrik Falkner Thagesen
Advisory board
Henrik Brandt
Board Member
Christian Peytz
Board Member
Michael Brandt
Board Member
Debbie is a proud member of the Copenhagen FinTech Lab, which is housed at the Danish Finance Association in Christianshavn and has fostered several successful Danish startups.
The strategic partners in Copenhagen FinTech are the Danish Finance Association, the Confederation of Danish Industry, Finans Danmark, Forsikring & Pension, the Ministry of Education and Research and the Danish Business Promotion Board.
Debbie is financed by private investors complemented by loans from the Growth Fund.
The Growth Fund is the government's financing fund. In partnership with banks and private investors from Denmark and abroad, the Growth Fund selects and develops the companies that Denmark must not miss out on. Vækstfonden has the experience and expertise to make things grow and companies expand - from digitising a craft company in Sallingsund to launching a robotic arm in Silicon Valley. Innovation, social return and responsibility are the benchmarks the Growth Fund uses when assessing projects. "But we never forget that the companies we select and develop must make things happen and put people to work. Throughout Denmark."

We make sure you get started with Debbie quickly and take full advantage of your new digital resource in your customer service.