To debt collection agencies

One system for all your activities as a professional collector.

As a recovery professional, your bottom line depends on high recovery rates, optimised processes and satisfied customers.

That's the essence of Debbie - your new core system.
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Debbie is a SaaS-based complete
end-to-end core system for your debt collection business.

Debbie is designed specifically for modern and efficient debt collection.

Debbie gives you a known cost of operation without sudden, negative financial surprises.
Debbie handles your customers and their respective collection agreements, differentiated case flows, rule-based instalment schemes, all relevant payment methods, individual settlement requests and reports for all purposes. A complete end-to-end solution for your debt collection business.

Debbie is a 3-dimensional debt collection system with a core system for your case handlers and web portals for creditor and debtor respectively. You can follow up via relevant management information, own defined KPIs and statistics, and case management can be managed in relation to expected recovery at debtor level.
AI-based debtor contact
Digital self-service solutions for instalments and payments
High recovery
Satisfied customers
Optimal bottom line
Did you know that...
Debbie's efforts are AI-based
You can communicate with debtors on all platforms (e-Box, email, SMS, phone and letters)
Debtors can pay 24/7/365 with exactly the payment method you want to offer
Debtors can offer self-service, rules-based instalment plans with digital signatures
Debbie is a SaaS solution that you can access via a browser
If you've been dreaming about robots for your case management, you can wake up with a smile:
Debbie takes care of case flow without the need for resources, extracts payment demands with a click, automatically reports to and deletes registrations with RKI, calculates interest, parents claims, registers foundations, puts bailiff meetings in calendars, journalises and links dialogues directly on cases, just like everything else that can be automated is (or will be) automated.

And the settlement module is a chapter in itself - something so complicated and complex made so simple and straightforward that it alone means many hours saved.
Professional debt collection is not resource intensive with Debbie as the engine.
cases with no or minimal need for resources
withdraws payment demands with one click
automatically reports to and deletes registrations with RKI
calculate interest
parent claim
registers foundations
puts bailiff meetings in calendars
journalises and associates dialogues directly on cases
Just like everything else that can be automated in the debt collection process is (or will be) automated.
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