To utility companies

Get paid without losing the good customer.

Continue the great customer journey after delinquency and let Debbie service your customers with a digital reminder process.

You'll get faster payment, satisfied customers and and minimize the number of customers you have to send to collections.

And if you want to move on from the digital reminder process and are considering implementing self-collection, it's just one click away ...
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Experience from utilities has shown that Debbie's AI-based digital callback process can:
reduce the number of reminders by up to 43%.
reduce the number of cases for ultimate recovery by up to 50%
get 15% of written-off debtors to enter into a digitally signed repayment plan
Imagine a complete reminder process, where contact and content comply with all requirements, but are based on the individual customer based on demographic data from all reminder cases Debbie has solved...

Goal: Get paid and retain the customer.
When Debbie receives notification of a customer's non-payment from your billing system (typically via an API integration or file upload), it activates Debbie Dunning, a digital, fully automated customer-facing reminder process.

Debbie's efforts are AI-based and communication with the debtor happens on all platforms (e-Box, email, SMS, phone and letters), as well as debtors can serve themselves to debt freedom 24/7/365 via self-service, rules-driven repayment schemes with digital signature or access to any payment method you want to provide.
Did you know that...
Debbie's efforts are AI-based
You can communicate with debtors on all platforms (e-Box, email, SMS, phone and letters)
Debtors can pay 24/7/365 with exactly the payment method you want to offer
Debtors can offer self-service, rules-based instalment plans with digital signatures
Debbie is a SaaS solution that you can access via a browser (supports hybrid workstations)
If you want more than digital accounts receivable service, you can easily upgrade from Debbie Dunning to Debbie Collect and implement self-collection.

It's self-collection with your customer service DNA, and you own the customer relationship from invoice through due date and collection to statute of limitations.
Alternatively, Debbie can transfer your collections directly to your external collection partner, or you can choose a collection partner that uses Debbie Collect for collections.

You decide; we'll make it happen with Debbie.

If you choose to upgrade to Debbie Collect and practice self-collection, you can do so under your own name or under a sub-brand to get the full benefit of 3rd party influence.

We have established several different models with large, Danish companies, so feel free to ask us for advice.
And no; self-collection is not resource-intensive for Debbie Collect:
executes automated and digital debt collection processes
withdraws payment demands with one click
automatically reports to and deletes registrations with RKI
calculate interest
parent claim
registers foundations
puts bailiff meetings in calendars
journalises and associates dialogues directly on cases
Just like everything else that can be automated in the debt collection process is (or will be) automated.
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We make sure you get started with Debbie quickly and take full advantage of your new digital resource in your customer service.