Tribunal is a module that makes it easy to communicate with Danish courts.

The Tribunal is an end-to-end service which can create the necessary procedural documents and communicate with the Civil System of the Danish Judicial Authority ( All in an automated workflow.

As part of a case flow, the tribunal may prepare procedural documents for the use of many different types of cases based on standard documents with structured content.

Automatic upload to my lawsuit

Order for payment. The Tribunal establishes an order for payment on the form provided by the Court of Justice and can easily handle feedback on endorsements and corrections from the bailiff's court.

Bailiff's requisitions. The Tribunal shall establish a bailiff's requisition with the information contained in the Code of Civil Procedure
Subpoenas. To the extent that there is a need for the creation of a procedural document, the Tribunal shall establish a summons.

The tribunal can automatically generate relevant supporting documents with proper annexation, e.g. an invoice and a payment order.

Automatic upload to my lawsuit

The Danish Judicial Authority's Civil System does not currently have an actual public API and this greatly limits the possible automation. The Tribunal has developed its own API, which allows other systems, e.g. Debbit Platform, to communicate with and thus upload pleadings and attachments. Thus, the user is not dependent on the very manpower-intensive procedures associated with uploading a subpoena and the sometimes fluctuating response times.a div block.

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